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Go ahead and check it entirely if you wish. It might not be the best in the world, but neither is the worst xD and it might not be from me directly, but indirectly, but no worries, everyone is credited.

This awaits those that wish to steal my direct arts (signatured with my names: MethusiFreeDragon; JeraziahDragonMedic; DragonFree93; MethusiFreeDragon93; KuznyaDragonOfBaa; Dreamer-In-Shadows):

rage dragon photo: Rage Black_Dragon_by_Tyrus88.jpg

So had you got that? Just don`t do it!

^... Isn`t that Overly Manly Man up there??? O_o

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Had To Be Done by FreeDanPhantom
Well, I do NOT! My favs have quality as well!

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Tomb of the Golden Couch by thatDMan
The fanciest lich in all of games!

The reason why I pathetically love Dark Messiah`s Black Guards :lmao:!

Are you jealous of me rocking the house hard? Well, TOO BAD! >:3

Pegasus headbutting Meg
Me and my friends of different beliefs <3

Whenever I watch a movie I really like, but my friend of family member does not … =P

And here are some hugs!
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Apparently nowadays in my country, people are starting to see other people with lots of cash as heroes that will save this world and go all slimy disgusting goo-balls to try gain themselves their favor while in the same breath, they say that poor people and artists like me should be disposed of, as they are "just leeches in the economy" and "more evil than the devil himself". :shakehead: yuck It's time to stop ok? No more! (chat/comment icon)
Gods help me survive those incoming years of darkness that feel like Ragnarök for the creative side of humanity~ Heartbrake :cries v.2 Silent cry especially given just how much visceral hate I have for this pathetic human race, even if I`m one ... MLP Emote Twilight Sparkle Fire Furious Mad 
*As Davy Jones (from PotC 2) and his crew look around while myself and Jack Sparrow`s crew is just standing aside to the right in terror (yeah, I was again there in the flesh, being a shipmate and even if I didn`t have the feather collar, I had the famous purple sleeveless vest again), he growls in total frustration*
"JACK SPARROW! I know where you are, better show yourself!"
*he steps on the grass with his foot (the background was like a mix between a stormy night on a ship and the peaceful night on a hill) and his other crew members do the same, starting to march around the grassland, as if he would just pop out of the ground. At this time, I grow bold and look up at Davy Jones with JS`s crew being behind me*
"I think Barbossa had kidnapped him."
*the crew starts to massively cheer and nod, speaking en masse across one another like kids in the classroom with the dream PoV slowly shifting to a weird older-looking shipmate that was also nodding, but once speaking, it was clear it was Barbossa himself - disguised as a shipmate badly*
"Indeed. Yes, he kidnapped him."
*he grins and then pulls out a tiny trimming comb from his disguise`s breast pocket and starts totally removing his mustache with it. I then look behind me, see him and get the "Are you freakin` serious?!" expression that was a total mix between :stare3d: Stare 3D 50x50 derp and ROFL. He just goes like this -> ^^; while trimming the mustache off faster*
*Cut to the next scene where Barbossa, me and 2 unknown crew members are rowing a boat back towards the ship with the landscape looking kind of like this…  with the dreaded Pirate Captain looking like a messy old crow without any mustache or beard, as he tried to remove his disguise as a shipmate and failing. I was barely able to hold myself from downright losing my marbles laughing before the scene finally switched (I think something was also said in that section, but I cannot remember it) again*

Talk about one of the most hilarious dream highlights I had right there and yes, I totally mean highlights because I had another unrelated dream before that one that starred me, my brother, a mysterious book containing an image that was actually a hacked program (and with that image being pretty creepy as well because it contained The Puppet`s face in the middle, Operator symbols in each corner :iconoperatorsymbolplz: that were white on black background and pretty creepy unknown imagery at the background that looked like TV glitches as well as sections in front being made like glitching TV color bars…) that was apparently made by my dad (he was apparently a computer hacker), The Marionette Close itself and it took place around my home street and block at the dead of night with no moon, just construction site signs and literally construction grounds everywhere. Burrr ... thank you for the comic relief there, mind, I really appreciate it. Even though you then didn`t need to place 2 adult women in a random bar (the scene after the "rowing boat" one where I and JS`s crew were in an old bar that was most likely in Tortuga. I was like "eh, I`ve seen worse" while just passing them with 3 other crew members on my own and still wearing the same shipmate clothes, including the purple sleeveless vest) wearing colored female undershirts, skirts with no pants on and being all horny for each other on the floor, with one of them (which was on the left and dominating one as well) saying this:
"Uuuuhhh, arousing bleaching instruments~" before really going into it, as if she`s having sex with a bleach bottle and the other woman at the same time (<- silver-wing-mk2, that one`s probably for you). :stare: :facepalm: :stare:
Thank the light Barbossa is having more patience with me since I joined his crew in my "Pirate Captains Choice" dream, no matter how much I show my own quirks and all ... :phew: :laughing:
Well, guys and girls, after quite a break that I had to take when it comes to my mind because of all the stress and other things, it repaid me back with yet another amazing dream that takes places in 3 separate locations that seem to overlap as well (deep forest www.bioversityinternational.or… that had a retreat that looked like a mix between an open campsite and a covered one kind of like this tent… , but everything being made of wood only + a Mediterranean town with the most notable features being the main road and a dock + the center of the unknown town that had a road that was as wide as Moscow`s Red Square, but instead of monuments, it had regular houses at the side with the city hall being at the end of it beside a raised platform that was like a show stage) and in those locations, I got to meet very interesting people as well as experience very interesting things happening. Here is the list of what happened in a chronological order:
-> I`m with my family, having to do a some sort of weird short essay for my homework that had something to do with forest plants and taking care of them.
-> My family is with me too and we`re all in a closed section of the retreat that looked like a mess hall with long tables and chairs being set up in a big square with its bottom missing. Together with me and my family, there were like 9-10 other people, all seeming to be high school teenagers from what I could see.
-> The "man" looking over us in order to ensure our behaviour during this part is actually an Uruk that looked like a corrupted mockery of an actual man, kind of like this one…, only instead of being painted, he was green and had more gear on himself. He was located in a dark part of the section and thus his sight wasn`t the best, even if his eyes were totally white. As for hair, he had them dark hazel, really long and tied into a ponytail with 2 cords instead of one (aka longer than an Ashan Orc).
-> We (me and my family) get kind of cocky and secretly move our writing place closer to the Uruk, so that we too are in the dark section with me being the starter of this.
-> Without him knowing, I literally give him a nose kiss… that he seemed to be alright with, if not even enjoy (I shudder just to say that) ... and after I slowly back out of the dark part of the closed section, I see my dad try to do the same. Didn`t see the end result because the dreams then shifted into a random Jazz Jackrabbit-esque game where you have to collect the tops of human skulls as bonus material ... and Jazz (yeah, it was Jazz himself) collected them in clear plastic bottles that seemed to be of fizzy drinks o_O ... thank the crows.
-> We had some sort of orientation/endurance race where the 1st group to come at the selected spot inside the town itself, does a pretty complicated minigame involving references to various horror games like the rabid infected bear I recognized from IsisMasshiro`s comic "Condemneds"  L4D - Condemneds by IsisMasshiro head with glowing green eyes was mounted on a wall within a dark section of the house where the minigame took place (and that dark section also had a stockpile of batteries, flashlights, pens (O.o), dead rats in their own holes that looked kind of like Pinky and the Brain, decrepit paintings and a bonus skull from the aforementioned Jazz Jackrabbit-esque game. It felt very much like the mix of Silent Hill and Amnesia: Dark Descent) and then back to the retreat wins.
-> We were allowed to bunch into groups on the way home, but then the one who wins must share his/her winnings with the others of the group he/she`s in.
-> I was already done (after seeing some scenes from the aforementioned minigame like the dark section described above) and returning back to the forest retreat in a group composed of a male cowboy and a park ranger mix that was pretty friendly, 2 teenagers that had brunette hair (one boy, one girl) and another person that was an older blonde woman.
-> Before even coming out of the town (we walked on the main road and after some time we passed a dock that looked kind of like this… , only it was white, connected to the main road and having lots of small modern ships on it), a huge storm erupted and I barely managed to get my umbrella open in order to not be wet all over again (I apparently was once more and it was as unpleasant as you can imagine it be, even in summer). At that point, I saw myself wear a long black skirt with tiny pockets in front of it, white socks, pink shoes that resembled these… , hazel red pullover (according to sleeves, since at that part, I was watching from my own eyes, thus I couldn`t see myself in a 3rd person) and a neon green backpack I actually have irl. Why do I remember tiny pockets on my skirt, you ask? Because the older woman told me that they`re rapidly filling with water even when I had my umbrella open (which was either black or dark blue)
-> After this "episode", the section cuts to the forest path that was in the clearing between the entrance and the actual deep forest where the retreat was located ... and at that point, we decided to have a break, sitting up and opening up some clear boxes with fried chicken wings and legs inside.
-> In this part, we were joined by A FREAKIN` GRAUG… that didn`t seem to wish to eat us as much as it tried to eat the delicious chicken goodness inside the box as well and the older woman mentioned before was friends with it, from what I saw.
-> After some time (during which the Graug managed to chase away 3 wolves that had come for the chicken as well), the park ranger/cowboy mix informed us that the next group is swiftly (<-!!!) coming and that we better hurry, so that they don`t win. At this point, no matter the grumbling from others (not from me), we clean up and immediately start to run only to then get news that there is another group incoming at the town and that that group must not reach the city hall at any cost. I immediately tell them to get back to the forest retreat while I myself run towards a Graug ...
... and it all switches to the main square.
-> I`m riding a Graug… that isn`t even mind-controlled.
-> The 1st thing I see is a huge wave of Uruks that looked like green goblins (only obviously bigger) being already half-way across the square, marching like it was a victory parade.
-> Immediately I just bomb-rush them all with the Graug, causing mass devastation in their ranks and in less than 20 seconds, they`re all dead while I move closer to the show-stage, looking forward for more waves ...
-> ... which are happy to come. While massacring them, I scream to the sky "I`M THE KING OF THE WORLD!!" while still holding onto the Graug`s back spike. Don`t ask why "king", it`s apparently a reference to the Lonely Island`s song I`m On A Boat.
-> A so-called "Goblin King" that I have no idea of his outer appearance about comes with the last and apparently the biggest wave of Uruks and we all get ready for the final showdown amid the huge piles of crushed bodies and the black bleeding slowly towards the storm drains while St. basil`s Cathedral appears in the background behind me ... with the Graug being all too eager to cause even more discord and feast on as many Uruks as it can.
I then wake up, giggling like a maniac.

How do you like this one, people? May this show you that if there is a big break between each individual adventure, then there`s no need to freak out. It`s just our mind concocting our next great adventure, he he he, at least in my case! ;)
For some god-awful reason my dreamworld likes to ASSociate the incoming Valentine`s Day (sorry for no images for this time of the year, kind of forgot because of so much stuff happening irl) night with these things:
-> music-making room filled with devices that go psychedelic and all disco-like with tons of white flashes and lightning bolts in different colors the more intense and wild the song that plays through it
-> A white-gold cat being placed in there (which, at the end, goes totally bonkers and starts killing people with its claws, moving the same way as rampaging Killer Rabbit from Monty Python. Thank GOD I wasn`t in that room at that point) which was insane enough to come in hanging from my shoulders with its claws like some sort of living fur neck warmer while I/my dreamsona just didn`t care about that ... if you watched her pose because on her face, she was expressing to "get that damn cat off me!"
-> Michael Jackson dressed like a zombie from Thriller music video, a blond older female that reminded me of one of my irl friends and my old elementary school principal mix (before being replaced by the current one) and another man that I couldn`t recognize
Thank the light I wasn`t in the room when the cat went berserk because I GTFO`d when it became the Master of Frost for some reason and it froze the entire doggone room together with the exit door, thus once it went berserk, the door was still frozen in a way that you could see ice come through it, thus ... yeah. :phew:!

Why so many white-gold cats tho, mind? O_o I just cannot get it, in a previous dream where Gollum and the One Ring appeared at the end, there were 4 cats appearing in the middle of the dream when me and 3 other people (one of them being my uncle) had a conversation about the price beside the white coffee table ... and those 4 cats were super-cuddly and super-horny for some reason. o_O Also yes, that particular dream took place in a shopping mall/nursery/resident`s home mix, just to make you all more boggled on how the heck did both Gollum and the One Ring appear in there. Especially because I saw the One Ring fall into a small black bowl filled with molten gold and when I used pincers to pick it out from there to return it to Gollum, I could see its inscription appear. No temptation tho, so no cake, just like with The Eye, which didn`t appear in both dreams, THANK THE FRIGGIN` CROWS. ;P


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